3-Day Aromatherapy Body Massage Diploma Course with or without A&P

3-Day Aromatherapy Massage Practitioner Diploma Course with Anatomy and Physiology ~ £755 | £530 with existing A&P qualification

Installment option available for this package - pay half on booking, and the balance one week before the course date

Our Aromatherapy Massage Practitioner Diploma includes our popular Guild-accredited Anatomy and Physiology online home study course followed by a 3-day practical, during which we will carry out an assessment of your aromatherapy blending and massage skills and you will complete a short test.

Our core manual, containing health and safety information along with other material which all therapists need to know, will be sent to you so that you can study before you attend on the course dates. During the practical part of the course will include the theory required to become a professional aromatherapy massage therapist, including consultation, contraindications, aftercare, the history and benefits of aromatherapy massage and the characteristics and uses of a selection of carrier and essential oils.

Aromatherapy Massage combines the benefits of holistic massage with the healing properties of carrier and essential oils. It helps calm stress and bring relaxation and can help improve your sense of mental, emotional and physical well-being. During the course you will learn the characteristics and uses of several carrier oils such as sweet almond, sunflower and olive oil, and look at a range of essential oils like lavender, clary sage and geranium. A full student kit is available for this course and it contains a wide enough range to enable you to offer treatments to clients.

This course is an Aromatherapy Massage Practitioner’s Diploma Course, and is designed for those who wish to become professional aromatherapy massage therapists. After being awarded this Diploma, students will be able to obtain insurance to practice Aromatherapy Massage professionally.

Course content

Hygiene, health and safety

Relevant anatomy and physiology

Products and equipment required

Consultation procedures

Contraindications to treatment

Benefits of aromatherapy massage

History of aromatherapy massage

Characteristics and uses of carrier and essential oils

Blending carrier and essential oils to suit client needs

Massage sequence

Client aftercare

Test of knowledge

Blending test

Practical assessment

Large Aromatherapy Kit - comes in a professional wooden storage case: £95

14 Essential Oils

2 Carrier Oils

Wooden Case

Kit includes:

1 x Wooden Aromatherapy Storage Case

1 x Bergamot 10ml

1 x Chamomile Roman 10ml

1 x Clary Sage 10ml

1 x Eucalyptus 10ml

1 x Frankincense 10ml

1 x Geranium 10ml

1 x Lavender 10ml

1 x Lemon 10ml

1 x Marjoram 10ml

1 x Patchouli 10ml

1 x Rosemary 10ml

1 x Tea Tree 10ml

1 x Ylang Ylang 10ml

1 x Cypress 10ml

1 x Sweet Almond 100ml

1 x Jojoba 100ml

Kits are optional, can be pre-ordered when you pay for your course, and will be delivered directly to you unless you book at the last minute. This kit contains enough products to enable students to start up as mobile or home-based salon therapists as they contain full-sized products. All our kits contain branded products and are high quality.

PLEASE NOTE – students must have passed the online Anatomy & Physiology course before attending the 3-day practical part of the course. We have scheduled dates for the practical element and you will need to book one of these as you near the end of your A&P study.

Duration: Three days practical and home study

Entry requirements: Interest in aromatherapy and massage

Accreditation: The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists and The Guild of Holistic Therapists

Continuous Professional Development: This course has been awarded CPD points