Q: What qualification do I get from Yorkshire Massage Courses?

Upon sucessful completion of our accredited massage training courses you will be awarded a Practitioner Diploma from our parent training company, London Therapists.

Q: Are the training courses recognised by a professional body?

All our massage diploma training courses are accredited by three of the UK's leading industry organisations; the Holistic Guild, the Beauty Guild and BABTAC.

Q: What does my Diploma entitle me to do?

The Diploma allows you to practice the therapy professionally, though you must source your own insurance before treating members of the public. The diploma does not qualify you to teach the therapy yourself.

Q: Where can I obtain insurance to practice?

Full details of your insurance options are available from us on the day of your course.

Q: Do I need to have any previous experience before doing any of the training courses?

Please check individual course pages for entry requirements. All courses include supervised hands-on practice of all relevant techniques.

Q: Do I need to have any qualification(s) before doing any of the courses?

Please check individual course pages for entry requirements.

Q: Do I need to have insurance before doing any of the courses?

There is no need to have insurance cover in place to learn a holistic therapy, only to practice it professionally. If you wish to practice professionally it is necessary to have public and professional liability insurance.

Q: Can your courses be added to my existing insurance cover?

This depends entirely on your insurance provider. Complementary therapy organisations often offer their own insurance policies to members. If you are already insured with an organisation it is wise to ask them if their cover can extend to include our courses.

Q: What do I need to bring along to a training course?

We will include full details in the confirmation email we send you after you've made your course booking.

Q: Are there any contra-indications for attending or participating in any of the courses?

Yes. We will send you details when you book.

Q: What can I do if I need to cancel my booking or reschedule my training date?

Please see the Booking Terms

Q: What can I do if I have any questions after the course is complete?

Students who have completed a course can ask questions via email after the course is complete.

Q: Do I need to complete case studies after the course is finished?

Because there is ample time on the day for each student to give and receive a supervised massage there is no need to complete case studies. Students are advised, however, to compile case studies for their own benefit.

Q: It is not convenient for me to travel to you. How can I complete a course with you?

We offer a fantastic range of fully accredited and insurable online massage and beauty training courses through our

Easy Learning Portal

Mobile tuition may also be available depending on your location. Please contact us for details.