1-Day Luxury Foot and Leg Massage Course

1-Day Luxury Foot and Leg Massage Course ~ £125

Feet get walked on, stood on, tucked under a desk at work and generally made use of! No wonder they complain and demand some rest and recuperation! This half-day course will show you how to pamper the feet and lower legs, relieving aches and pains and helping to reduce swelling. You will use natural vegetable oils, specialist foot balm and massage cream and you will choose which products you like best. We explain where to buy them for your own use at home.

Course Content

During the Luxury Foot and Leg Massage, your will stroke and knead the feet, rotate the ankle, stroke up and massage the leg up to the knee and bring the whole treatment together at the end with some gentle energy work. This is a gentle treatment, and you can enhance the experience by adding essential oils in a burner, lighting a candle and playing your partner’s favourite relaxing music.

At a physical level, foot and leg massage gentle stimulates the muscles and soft tissues of the leg and foot, brings improved flexibility to the ankle, and eases everyday aches and pains. Circulation to the area is boosted, and the massage will soothe the nervous system, iron out tension and encourage lymphatic drainage which aids swollen feet and legs.

Duration: Half Day

Entry requirements: Interest in holistic therapy.