1-Day Luxury Hand and Arm Massage Course

1-Day Luxury Hand and Arm Massage Course ~ £125

Everyone you see is busy checking texts, sending messages, typing, driving, carrying shopping or children or even knitting! Hands and arms get tired, achy, start begging us for some tender loving care. This half-day course will teach you a relaxing routine to use with your partner, family and friends – or even for yourself! Natural oils, aromatic balms and specialist massage cream are introduced to you and you choose which products you would like to use. We explain where to buy them for your own use at home.

Course Content

During the Luxury Hand and Arm Massage, your partner’s hand is gently stroked and kneaded, the fingers are gently stretched, the wrist rotated and loosened and then the movements continue up the arm, circling carefully around the elbow. You finish with some gentle energy work to relax your partner and enhance their sense of well being. The treatment will help to relieve stress, tension and everyday aches and pains. The treatment is gentle, and you can add essential oils in a burner along with mood music to help your client slide gently into total relaxation.

At a physical level, hand and arm massage brings gentle stimulation to the muscles and soft tissues of the hand and arm, and this will boost circulation in the area, soothe the nervous system, iron out areas of tension and encourage lymphatic drainage.

Duration: Half Day

Entry requirements: Interest in holistic therapy