2-Day Hot Stone & Gem Reflexology Diploma Course

2-Day Hot Stone and Gem Reflexology Diploma Course ~ £225

Our Hot Stone and Gem Reflexology course is a wonderful addition to the skills of the Reflexologist. Adding Hot Stone to a reflexology treatment deepens the relaxation of the client, and the use of gemstones brings in the healing energies of crystals and allows you to work at an energetic level to bring balance to the chakras and enhanced energetic flow.

The course is two intensive days of tuition and you will receive a course manual containing all the information covered on the course along with a laminated set of Reflexology charts to guide you in your practice. Everything that you need to carry out the treatments during the course is provided for you, and we give you suppliers’ lists so you can source and purchase everything you need to start offering Hot Stone and Gem Reflexology treatments.

The Hot Stone and Gem Reflexology course includes

Revision of Foot Basics - describing the feet, common problems with feet

The Spine and the Foot

Major Chakras and the Feet

Choosing your Crystals

Crystal Layouts

Hot Stone Reflexology - benefits

Contraindications to treatment

Equipment – managing your hot stones, clearing and using gems and crystals

The consultation and recording your reflexology treatment

Reading the Feet

Revise Techniques – relax and warm

Revise Techniques – caterpillar etc

Giving a full treatment of the reflexes using hot stones and gems

Techniques – cool down and close

The Healing Crisis

Client reactions and feedback


Choosing and buying gemstones and crystals

Buying a hot stone heater or heating bag and hot and cold stones

Since you work with feet you might think about offering pedicures to your clients – we also offer Manicure and Pedicure courses.

Duration: 2 Days

Entry Requirements: Reflexology qualification OR our 2-day Thai Foot Reflexology Diploma

Accreditation: Westminster Insurance