Body Massage for Couples Workshop

Body Massage for Couples Workshop ~ £175 to teach one | £225 to teach both (only one couple per workshop)

Would you like to know how to massage your partner? Would they like to improve their technique when massaging you? With this Body Massage for Couples workshop you can discover how to give a wonderful body massage safely to your partner. By the end of this fun and informal day you will be able to perform a confident and effective basic massage routine on your partner. Come and learn basic massage techniques in a casual, comfortable setting. In this class we will learn how to give and receive a massage without hurting or annoying your loved one.

We will focus on arms, legs, shoulders and back, and the feet and hands are included too. During the course you will learn how to warm up the body and get the circulation going, to relax both the muscles and the mind. Therapeutic strokes encourage the deeper muscle tissues to release built-up tension, stress and toxins, thus enabling deeper relaxation.

Massage is wonderful for decreasing stress and uplifting spirits. This couples massage workshop is dedicated to teaching one or both of you how to help relieve each other’s aches and pains. This is an ideal way to spend some quality time together. We only ever teach one couple at a time, so you will be completely comfortable. You will receive comprehensive documentation to take home, and notes for a great full body massage routine. Have fun and learn something new!

PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for pregnant women (or even if you suspect you may be pregnant).

“I just had a excited phone call from Di and Chris detailing their wonderful massage lesson with you. I just wanted to say thank you and how nice it is when a random inquiry on the internet can result in a positive experience all round! Perhaps it shows that when good intentions prevail, the universe responds. Again, thanks for your part in their Christmas gift, a gift they can enjoy for a long time.” - Margaret Black

"We drove home yesterday on a cloud! Thank you so much for the couples massage workshop, we felt very strongly that you really gave us more than simple money could buy. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me that attaining that lovely, relaxed feeling is now literally in our own hands! I only glanced at the certificate yesterday, noting how pretty it was, but read it properly today and the phrase "joyfully given the gift of massage" seemed spot on. We feel blessed that you were our guide." - Mary and Stephen Garner

"My boyfriend and I both really enjoyed the course and the tuition was clear and helpful. It was particularly good having a chance to give a full-length massage at the end because it made the tuition sink in. Claire was great because she made us both feel very comfortable. It was great to receive the pack too detailing the steps so you can be reminded at home. It was brilliant to have one-to-one tuition, and the price seemed very reasonable . The course definitely lived up to my expectations (my boyfriend said it was better than he expected!). I thought it was a friendly and non-intimidating way to learn the first steps of massage." - Chez and Tom