1-Day Luxury Head Massage with Warmed Oils Course

1-Day Luxury Head Massage with Warmed Oils Course ~ £125

Head massage is a wonderfully relaxing, soothing and nurturing experience, and when you add warmed natural oils it turns into a treat for your skin, hair and scalp too. Your receive the Luxury Head Massage with Warmed Oils lying cuddled up on the couch, with optional warm mittens and bootees (nice on a cold winter’s day).

During the Luxury Head Massage with Warmed Oils the head is gently massaged and kneaded, and the movements continue down the neck, shoulders and upper arms to relieve stress, tension and everyday aches and pains. The massage finishes with movements to the face to relax lines and wrinkles away. The treatment is gentle, and you can add essential oils in a burner along with mood music to help slide gently into total relaxation. The oils used are natural cold-pressed vegetable oils selected for their hair conditioning qualities.

At a physical level, head massage brings gentle stimulation to the muscles and soft tissues of the head, neck and shoulders and this will boost circulation in the area, soothe the nervous system, iron out areas of tension and encourage lymphatic drainage.

The course includes

Relevant Anatomy & Physiology



Properties and Uses of Oils

Making your own oil blends for treatments

Massage Techniques

Client Treatment Routine

Insurance and Professional Memberships


Sourcing oils and other products

Duration: Half-Day

Entry Requirements: Interest in Holistic Therapy