Usui Reiki Level 1 Course ~ £150

Anyone can learn Reiki as it takes no special gifts, just training and attunement. We have taught Reiki to people of all backgrounds, and both men and women are welcome on all our courses. 

Reiki 1 is an introductory course and on completion of your training you will be able to treat yourself, friends and family.  Reiki 1 (Shoden) explores what Reiki is and how to treat yourself and others. Some students learn just this level of Reiki and find it a blessing in their daily lives as well as a good way to help their families and loved ones.

During the Reiki 1 course we look at the background and history of Reiki and focus on the Japanese and Buddhist roots of this beautiful practice. You will learn lots of fascinating facts about the life of Dr Usui, the founder, and about Buddhist and Japanese meditation, mindfulness and healing. You will hear the wonderful story about how Reiki made the journey from Japan to western countries and how Reiki has grown in its homeland.

You will learn how to work on your own healing needs. The Reiki standard hand positions are demonstrated and we practise together until you are confident with them. We explore methods of connecting to Reiki, and you will learn techniques such as hatsurei ho, gassho, the 'Reiki shower' and much more. During the course you will receive several Reiki empowerments and attunements and will have the opportunity to share your experiences and feelings. 

When you are ready, we start working with each other. You will learn to focus on your intuition and feel the movement of energy (Byosen) which tells you where and how to place your hands. There is time for discussion and reflection. We take the time to meditate and explore our own experiences with Reiki.

The course is accredited with Professional Ethical Practitioners, although you will need to take Reiki 2 Okuden in order to practise Reiki on the public. The first level is suitable for working on your own healing and spiritual development, and on your friends and family.

Course Content:

  • Introductions 
  • Reiki History and background
  • Reiki Principles
  • Reiki Attunements
  • Reiju Empowerments
  • Details of Reiki Lineages
  • Hatsurei Ho Routine
  • Self-healing meditation
  • Hayashi self-healing positions
  • Treating others
  • Standard Reiki hand positions
  • Byosen and intuitive healing
  • Chakra Meditation
Duration: One Day
Entry Requirements: None